Naturally Bundle Dyed Bandana - Cotton Plant Dyed

Naturally Bundle Dyed Bandana - Cotton Plant Dyed


100% naturally bundle dyed bandanas. Soft and breathable organic cotton fabric, ethically made.  Large 24" square size is big enough to wear as a head wrap, scarf, or classic neckerchief.


Hand dyed in Pittsburgh, PA using 100% natural dyes. 


The process of natural bundle dyeing means that no two pieces are identical; We think this adds to the magic of natural dyes! Keep in mind, your bandana will vary somewhat in color and pattern - these photos are examples of what to expect. 


Please allow 1-2 weeks for your bandana to be made. If you need it in a hurry, please contact me before placing your order. 



Dyestuff Used

Quebracho Rojo, Madder Root, Cochineal*, Lac*, Marigold, Coreopsis, Sulfur Cosmos, Cranberry Cosmos, Logwood, Weld, Osage Orange Wood, Rudbeckia, Scabiosa, misc petals.


*Insect derived pigments come from the invasive/parasitic scale insects Lac and Cochineal.

  • Care

    Naturally dyed pieces require a little bit of special care. Follow these instructions to maximize the life of your dyed product. 

    • Minimize washing and exposure to prolonged direct sunlight, which can accelerate fading. 

    • When necessary, hand wash in cool water using a pH neutral detergent. We like Unicorn Clean's "Beyond Fibre Wash", which is safe for natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk. ECOS Free + Clear is another accessible option. 

    • Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out excess water (do not wring). Blot or roll in clean, white towel, and lay flat or hang to dry away from direct sunlight

    • Avoid bleach and other whitening agents/optical brighteners. Contact with acidic/alkali substances - like citrus juice, vinegar, household cleaner, etc - as these may shift the color of pH sensitive dyes.