Red Naturally Bundle Dyed Bandana

Red Naturally Bundle Dyed Bandana


Organic cotton bandana, naturally dyed a lovely muted red color, then bundle dyed with raw plant materials to add speckles of color ranging from orange and yellow to plum and fuschia. 


Hand dyed in Pittsburgh, PA using only ethically made cotton fabric and natural dyestuff.


Measures 24"x24" square


Every bandana is dyed by hand using all natural colors extracted from a variety of plants - from flowers and leaves, to heartwood and roots - even a few sustainably harvested bugs for bright pink!


The process of natural bundle dyeing means that no two pieces are identical; We think this adds to the magic of natural dyes! Keep in mind, your bandana will vary somewhat in color and pattern - these photos are examples of what to expect. 


Please allow 1-2 weeks for your bandana to be made. 



Dyestuff Used

Madder Root, Coreopsis, Marigold, Sulfur Cosmos, Cochineal*, Osage Orange Wood.


*Insect derived pigments are sustainably harvested. 

  • Care

    Naturally dyed pieces require a little bit of special care. Follow these instructions to maximize the life of your dyed product. 

    • Minimize washing and exposure to prolonged direct sunlight, which can accelerate fading. 

    • When necessary, hand wash in cool water using a pH neutral detergent. We like Unicorn Clean's "Beyond Fibre Wash", which is safe for natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk. ECOS Free + Clear is another accessible option. 

    • Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out excess water (do not wring). Blot or roll in clean, white towel, and lay flat or hang to dry away from direct sunlight

    • Avoid bleach and other whitening agents/optical brighteners. Contact with acidic/alkali substances - like citrus juice, vinegar, household cleaner, etc - as these may shift the color of pH sensitive dyes.