What We Do

Waxflower Dye Works uses all-natural dyes to create bold colors and prismatic prints on responsibly sourced clothing. 

All of our fabric is dyed with colors that come directly from the earth.  Using a variety of fresh and dried dye plants - from roots and flowers to wood shavings and leaves - we are able to achieve vibrant, long-lasting color on natural fibers.


We love our work, and we're always excited to share our passion for the art and science of natural dyeing! 


Who We Are

Waxflower Dye Works was started in spring of 2020 by artist and vintage clothing seller, Hannah Cornish Edelstein.


With the country in lockdown, Hannah devoted her newly found free time to learning the science and art of natural dyeing. Obsessively focused, she spent countless days and nights testing and perfecting her process. Her porch was transformed into a makeshift dye studio, which was later expanded into a more permanent workshop in the 100 year old stone basement of her home.


Hannah currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her partner, Zach, and their puffy cat, Peef.